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Las Vegas Tribune- Article by Sandy Zimmerman


– November 15, 2006– The FBI recently released a report that shows violent crime in the U.S. is on the rise, posting its biggest one-year increase since 1991. Nationwide, murders rose by 4.8% over 2005, the largest percentage increase in 15 years. Les Vegas has a high crime rate, perhaps because there are over 6,000 new residents moving here every month and 40 million tourists yearly. When you are out early before going to work or late night, you should become more aware of your surroundings.


Power Button Alert
Electronic Defense Whistle


Many people's lifestyles or work bring them to remote places, desert streets, or unattended parking lots. Two exciting personal security products are the Alarm Combo Personal Security Pack and the Mini Mobile Alert. The Alarm Combo is really two seperated products. I like the Electronic Defense Whistle because it fits in the plam of my hand. Although the Whistle is small (around 4'' long-2'' wide), it packs a wallpoing sound! With just a push of a button, the shrill 100 decibel siren really attracts attention. I also have an added benefit of pressing another button for flashing LED reds lights to alert help and a regular light in case I am in a parking lot at night. The Whistle can also be tied to a backpack or purse. The Power Button looks like the face of a large watch, yet it feels light to wear and straps on the upper arm. When I press it's globe, the 100 decibel sound should be loud enough to ward off predators. Compared to loudness of a rock concert- 11o decibles risks permanent hearing loss. The decible (dB) is used to measure sound level. A small version of their security products is the Mini Mobile Alert for travelers and every-one-on-the-go. It can even be attached to a cell phone, backpack, purse, or clothing. The Mini has a 95 decible alarm which is immediately sounded by pulling the ripcord. The Doberman security products have been developed by security professionals to provide active people and family covenient, affortable security. These are all weatherproof. The Mobile Comno-Under $30, Mini Mobile Alert-$8.99, at Staples, Super Target, and


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