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Better Safe Than Sorry Series: Alarm Combo


NEWS AND NOTES highly recommends Doberman Security products to their readers October 9, 2006 --You know that saying, "it's better to be safe than sorry?" Who ever came up with that quote is right. You should always wear your seatbelt, keep your doors locked, be cautious at night, and think twice before eating that cookie you dropped on the floor.


Description: A girl's gotta keep safety in mind when jogging alone at night. Enter Doberman Security's Alarm Combo, which the company bills as "a personal alarm for joggers and active people." The package includes two portable 100DB alarms: the Power Button, with an attached velcro armband that lets you wear it while you're running, and the Electronic Defense Whistle, which hangs from a small lanyard and is meant to be kept in a handbag or backpack.


I've worn the Power Button for a few workouts now, and though it's not particularly innovative, it's definitely useful. Its armband is comfortable and easy to adjust (it doesn't get much easier than Velcro, folks!) and the device is light enough that I barely noticed I was wearing it. I don't particularly care for the white-and-bright-orange color scheme (it also comes in white and blue), but I do realize that the point of the Power Button is to help me be safe, not to make the chicest runner in the park. That said, if you really hate the way it looks, it's flat enough to hide under a T-shirt sleeve. (whole story)


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