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How to minimize risks when exercising outdoors?-


Doberman Security products provides all to protect you




Dayton Daily News-- Sep 26, 2006 --


By Marjie Gilliam


Contributing Writer


Golf, in-line skating, biking, hiking, walking, running and other activities are popular forms of outdoor exercise. Although you want to have a good time, safety should always be a concern when exercising.


One of the simplest ways to protect yourself is to carry identification with you, especially if you plan to exercise alone. Identification should, at the very least, include your name and emergency-contact numbers, as well as any pertinent medical information. There are many products available for this purpose, including bracelets, necklaces with tags and sticky patches that adhere to clothing (yet can be easily removed). If you have a medical condition that might be aggravated by physical activity, you should also wear a medical ID tag that provides necessary information so that others can assist you if you need it.


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Before heading out, it is in your best interest to let someone know where you are going and the approximate time you plan on finishing. You should also let them know the route you will be taking in the event that they need to find you quickly.


Carry a safety device with you when you head out to exercise, such as a personal alarm/siren, or even a whistle, so that you are able to call attention to yourself should you need to. One of my favorite safety products is the Doberman Alarm Combo. It comes with the Electronic Defense Whistle, a compact, easy-to-use alarm designed to fit in the palm of the hand or clip to a backpack or apparel, and the Power Button, which straps to the upper arm with an adjustable elastic band.


Both products emit a shrill 100-decibel alarm at the touch of a button, which continues as long as the button is depressed. The products allow you to feel much more secure when spending time outdoors at night, and they are accompanied by flashing-red LED lights to lead others to your location. The Alarm Combo retails for less than $30 and is available at Staples stores.(Original Link)

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