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Doberman Security Products Bring the Alarm Combo Personal Security Pack to Fitness-Minded Consumers


Personal Alarms Designed to Ward off Predators and Alert Help for Injury or Attack Victims


LOS ANGELES – September 26, 2005 – Doberman Security Products, Inc., a pioneer in home and personal security products, announces the release of the Alarm Combo, a personal alarm for runners and other nighttime exercisers. The Alarm Combo provides two products, both featuring an alarm and LED lights to deter predators and alert help.


“The Doberman Alarm Combo is developed by security professionals to provide active individuals and families with a comprehensive, convenient, and affordable personal security option,” said David Shomaker, OEM Liason/Senior Product Manager for Doberman Security Products. “The Alarm Combo makes it safer for people with active lifestyles to exercise alone in the dark or in rural areas.”


The Alarm Combo provides two products: the Power Button and the Electronic Defense Whistle. The Power Button straps onto the arm during exercise, while the Defense Whistle is designed to fit in the palm of the hand, around the neck with the attached lanyard, or tie to a backpack or apparel.


Both products feature a shrill, 100 decibel alarm that sounds at the push of a button. The alarm is also accompanied by flashing red LED lights to lead others to your location. The LED lights can also be set to a steady beam to be used as a flashlight in the event the user is lost in an unlit area. The Alarm Combo is available in two colors and is designed to reflect a sleek, sporty look, and both products are weatherproof. The Alarm Combo retails for $49.95 and is available at


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