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Safety on the go: High-decibal alarm sounds trouble alert


Security Products Offer Protection While students come back to school


Tustin, CA -- September 22, 2006 -- Doberman Security Products has released a new personal security device that could be a great gift for college students heading back to school. The Alarm Combo is designed for runners and others who spend time outdoors or exercise at night or possibly those walking home from night classes. With the Alarm Combo, you can feel safe and secure to spend time outdoors at night.


The combo provides two products: the Power Button and the Electronic Defense Whistle. The Power Button straps onto the arm during exercise, while the Electronic Defense Whistle is designed to fit in the palm of the hand, or tie to a backpack or apparel. Both products feature a shrill, 100-decibel alarm at the push of a button. The alarm also is accompanied by flashing red LED lights to lead others to your location. The Alarm Combo retails for under $30 and is available at Staples stores.


About Doberman Security Products Inc.


Established in 2001 and headquartered in Los Angeles, CA Doberman has focused solely on providing products to the security market. The team of security professionals, engineers, and researchers from Doberman spent three years to develop, test, and approve personal and home security devices that would be worthy of the Doberman name.


Each product was not only chosen for its dependability, usability, and durability, but also for its effectiveness in addressing the specific security needs of home and daily life. For more information please visit: or email or call 714.730.9988.




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