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Doberman Security Products Goes to Europe


Award winning security electronics go worldwide


(Munich, Germany – July 2006) – Doberman Security Products, Inc., a pioneer in home and personal security products, was in Munich this year for the bi-annual ISPO trade show. After entering a contest for innovative new brands, Doberman’s finalist placing qualified them to attend the show.


“With so many security issues in the world, we [Doberman] think there is a great need for our products outside of the US,” said David Shomaker, Director of Sales for Doberman Security Products. “While many European countries don’t exhibit the same crime rates seen in the US, many Europeans like the mobile capabilities of our security products when they travel.”


The 2006 ISPO Brand New Award recognized Doberman during the ISPO show. Doberman was selected as a finalist in the competition and invited to display its product line at the show. The award recognized entrepreneurs in the sports industry and culminated with a 4 day trade show.
“We are very proud to have been selected for this award,” said Shomaker. “For the European market, we expect to focus on our ACTIVE line of products which are all small, mobile, and weatherproof. Items such as the bag protector offer an extra level of security to travelers by securing a backpack or luggage item with a motion sensor activated with a personal keypad. We are very excited about the European market and will strive to stay cutting edge with our new and innovative security electronics.”


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