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Doberman Security Products Provide Peace of Mind During Summer Activities


Keep Yourself and Personal Items Safe While Having Summer Fun


Tustin, Calif.-- July 11, 2006 -- Doberman Security Products, Inc., is a rapidly growing provider of a wide range of security products to protect consumers, personal items and the home. The company offers lightweight, mobile and an easy-to-use variety of security products that offer affordable protection.


As summer temperatures rise so does crime, people are away from home more often or on vacations. Doberman Security Products’ Active Line offers easy to wear innovative products that can be used to protect consumers and sporting equipment such as golf bags, tennis rackets, backpacks, hiking gear as well as personal protection for runners, joggers and bikers. Doberman’s Home Security Line provides a “watchdog” when away from home or on vacation and can provide protection not only for the home, but also for RV’s, campers, and boats.


The Power Button is a safety device designed for physical activity and one touch will activate flashing lights and loud alarms to alert others to a distressing situation. The Bag Protector Alert keeps sporting equipment or a laptop safe, since its motion sensor turns on a 100 db alarm when the equipment is moved or taken and requires entry of a personal code to arm or disarm it. The Safety Signal Alert includes red emergency flashers and an alarm to enable hikers, campers and travelers in dark, remote areas to draw attention to location and when they need assistance.


Doberman’s Home Security Line affordably guards the home, RV, camper or boat while away. The slim, unobtrusive and easy to operate designs of Doberman’s Home Security Line protect entryways, designated areas, drawers and closets and emit a loud alarm when triggered or the protected zone is breached.


Currently, Doberman Security Products are available at leading retail locations across the country, Cyberguys and Herrington catalogs, their corresponding websites,, Target and Staples.


About Doberman Security Products Inc.


Established in 2001 and headquartered in Los Angeles, CA Doberman has focused solely on providing products to the security market. The team of security professionals, engineers, and researchers from Doberman developed, tested, and approved personal and home security devices that would be worthy of the Doberman name.


Each product was not only chosen for its dependability, usability, and durability, but also for its effectiveness in addressing the specific security needs of home and daily life. For more information please visit: or email or call 714.730.9988.


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