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SE-0101C – Door and Window Defender w/ Chime

1. How long does the alarm sound for?

  • The alarm will sound off for 20 seconds and reset itself.

2. How far apart must the unit and the magnetic post be away from each other?

  • ¼" to ½"

3. I have metal door and it's not functioning properly

  • make sure the alarm and magnetic post are about < ¼".apart

4. Where can I get the batteries?

  • Wal-Mart, Radio Shack, Supermarkets, online, etc.

5. How long do the batteries last?

  • 6 months to 1 year depending on alarm usage

6. Will this alarm pass for the Pool Inspection?

  • No, but our SE-0114/Pool Alarm will pass the inspection.


SE-0104 – Motion Detector Alarm / Chime

1. How long does the alarm sound?

  • 30 seconds and then it resets itself

2. Can you turn off the alarm without triggering it?

  • Only if approached from outside its invisible perimeter or from behind the unit

3. Is there a delay before going off?

  • No


SE-0106 – Ultra – Slim Window Alert

1. When turning the alarm on for first time why isn't the light flashing?

  • Please pull the plastic tab out from the battery cover

2. How come after shaking the window, the Ultra Slim Window Alert does not activate?

  • The Burglar Window Alarm is made to go off in the case of a window break or extreme vibration. The sensitivity level is set this way to allow for wind and everyday vibrations such as trains or airplanes.


SE-0109 – Entry Defense

1. Does the wireless door alarm continue to go off?

  • The entry defense alarm will be continuing to go off until door is closed.


SE-0111 – Water detector

1. How do I know when Water detector alarm is on?

  • Press and hold the "Power" button until you hear a buzzing sound

2. How do I know if the water detector alarm's batteries are running low?

  • A light will start to flash.


SE-0114 – Pool Alert

1. Does Pool Alert conform to ETL listing?

  • Yes. The pool alert is ETL Listed Mark for Product Safety ANSI/UL2017.

2. Can Pool Alert be used for the windows and door?

  • Yes.

3. Can Pool Alert alarm be turned off?

  • No. The alarm cannot be turned off completely by law.

4. Do I need the 'L" shape piece when I install Pool Alert?

  • No. The L shape piece is optional and is used mainly on flushed gates or doors


SE-0119 – Wireless Door Alarm

1. How can I program the remote?

To Program Remote:

  1. Please switch unit to the right (remote side) will see 1 flash
  2. Please have remote in hand and ready
  3. Please slide down battery cover
  4. Press black button
  5. Once you see the light flash press the "ON" button on the remote... (You want to press "ON" on remote WHILE the lights are will hear a couple of beeps.)

To Activate with Remote:

Press and hold "ON" until you hear beep

To Deactivate with Remote:

Press and hold "OFF" until you hear 2 beeps

2. Where can I purchase additional remotes for Wireless Door Alarm?



SE-0201 – Mini Mobile Alert

1. How do I deactivate the Mini Mobile Alert?

  • To activate the Mini Mobile Alert, simply pull the pull-pin. To deactivate the Mini Mobile Alert, push the pin back in.

2. Is the Mini Mobile Alert a one time use product?

  • No. The Mini Mobile Alert can be used numerous times.


SE-0205 – Multi purpose alarm

1. Can Multi purpose alarm be programmed with more than one remote?

  • No. Only one remote.

2. Can Multi purpose alarm's remote be programmed with multiple alarms?

  • Yes.







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