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About Us


Doberman Security Products, Inc. is a Los Angeles-based company that grew out of the increasing need and demand for people to feel safe and secure in uncertain times. Established in 2001, our dedicated team of security professionals, engineers, and researchers has developed, tested, and brought to market a top-notch mix of security products. Each product was not only chosen for its dependability, usability, and durability, but also for their effectiveness in addressing the specific security needs of home and daily life. Doberman Security has an array of products suitable for Home, Sport and Office. 

All of our products are manufactured using only the highest quality sourced materials and then put through a strenuous battery of tests to ensure quality and reliability. Doberman has long-standing relationships with high quality manufacturers and a dedicated team ready to offer the world a new line of exciting and affordable personal security devices.



To contact us:

Phone: 714-730-9988
Fax:     714-730-9989

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